Role of Composition, Growth Technique, Temperature, Substrate Effects on the Efficiency of an IGZO Thin Film Transistor

  • Ganesh V. N. , Dr. Shantharama Rai C., Dr. Jayarama A.


Currently,Metal oxide semiconductors have become popular as a suitable active-layer for thin-film transistors.Due toitsimportance in display technology. Commonly, displays rely on TFTs of amorphous hydrogenated silicon (a-Si:H), but the needis for large area displays with higher resolution, fast response time, lower power consumption and compatibility with integrated driving circuits have prompted research into other semiconducting materials. As a result, metal oxides have become major prospects to replace a-Si:H with their high-performance electrical characteristics and simplicity of processing, making them valuable switching elements in display technology. Particularly, quaternary metal oxide semiconductors such as the a-IGZO have discussed extremely high performances as TFTs, prompting extensive research in the field.In solution-processed IGZO, there have been a couple approaches to improve device performance and stability as well as simplify processing. In this work, we produce a gallium-rich 2:2:1 IGZO TFT using solution processes and study its electrical characteristics and stability. In this paper, we demonstrate a working solution processed gallium-rich 2:2:1 IGZO TFT and compare it to a solution-processed indium-rich device to quantify its stability and performance.