Wheelchair Control Using Brain Computer Interface

  • Veeramma Yatnalli , B G Shivaleelavathi, Saroja S Bhusare, Aditi Prakash, Nithyashree D


The objective of this paper is to aid the patients to achieve a command based movement of wheelchair using Electroencephalogram (EEG) signals.  A wheelchair is developed with a BCI system to help the below neck paralyzed. In such patients, brain fails to interact with the external environment.. A Brain Controlled Wheelchair provides mobility to locked-in patients with the help of BCI in a safe and efficient way. In this proposed work, the EEG signals are detected from the brain through the connected headset.  The patient makes the decision for movement and blinks his/her eyes accordingly.  Once the decision is made for the movement, the eye blinks are detected and a signal corresponding to that particular direction is sent to the controller via bluetooth.   The received signals are analyzed and moves the wheelchair accordingly. Wheelchair prototype is constructed using DC motors fitted onto a platform using L brackets, screws and nuts. The microcontroller, bluetooth module and ultrasonic sensors are mounted on this platform.