Variable Vehicle Speed Limiter For Accident Avoidance Using Rf And Light Fidelity (Lifi) Technology

  • G Sudha, Santhosh P, Sivaabinay C, Srivathson V


Safety of vehicles and safety of passengers in vehicle are important parameters to be considered while driving. Most of the accidents occur especially at curves and hair pin bends or due to the presence of any obstacles in front of the vehicle along with the violation of proper safety measures that is to be considered. The proposed system can be utilized for the prevention of such accidents by issuing prior indication to the driver and it also reduces the vehicle speed, if required. Most of the accidents take place at curves and hair pin bends due to improper line of sight of the drivers, and hence a special kind of transmitter tuned at a frequency of 433MHZ is mounted in the vehicle. These transmitters continuously radiate a RF signal for certain distance and area. The transmitter used here is a coded transmitter which is encoded by a 4-bit binary data which is serially transmitted to transmitter. If the vehicle comes within this radiation, the receiver mounted in the vehicle gets activated. Limiting the speed of the vehicle may cause accidents if executed without precautions. This can be overcome by sending the information to the neighbouring vehicle. This can be implemented using LiFi technologies which need not to be paired, since it is a line of sight communication.