Hybrid Optimization Algorithm for Resource Allocation in SDN Enabled Virtual Networks in Cloud Environment

  • Amareshwari Patil, Dr.Bharati Harsoor


Software-Defined Networking (SDN) is an emerging paradigm to logically centralize the network control plane and automate the configuration of individual network elements. At the same time, in Cloud Data Centers (DCs), although network and server resources are collocated and managed by a single administrative entity, disjoint control mechanisms are used for their respective management. To overcome those problems, in this paper, a hybrid optimization algorithm is proposed for resource allocation (HOA-RA) in SDN enabled virtual networks in IaaS cloud environment. In proposed HOA-RA, to introduce improved pattern search (IPS) algorithm to SDN structure, this imparts flexibility to remove the control layer from the data transfer layer to the control plane. Then, to combine the network virtualization principles with Enhanced swallow search (ESS) algorithm to share physical infrastructure to enable multiple service providers to access the network; The flexible access requires optimal rule based fusion (ORBF) algorithm to optimize the network resources; the SDN control plane can be used for efficient management of virtual networks. The proposed HOA-RA design is implemented in Cloudsim environment. The results and performance analysis show that the proposed HOA-RA design perform very efficient than existing state-of-art designs.