Custom-Aes: A Novel Framework To Enhance Data Security In Cloud Environment

  • R. Caroline Kalaiselvi , Dr. S. Mary Vennila


The exponential growth in clouds’ computing has an affinity to an all-encompassing computing skill naturally overstretching the already strained client logistics. With all pervading security threats looming large on the horizon, sourcing service from these remote data centers would always remain a constant irritant on both sides of the users.    As the morphology of the security threats evolve in leaps and bounds as an ongoing process, a highly sensitive encrypted algorithm woven into the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) becomes a necessity.   This study seeks to introduce a system with key features, including improved protection and data privacy for the owner. To boost the speed of the encryption method, it modifies the 128 AES algorithm. Custom-AES-Algorithm parameters such as block-size, secret-key size, salt-size and cipher-mode have been fine tuned. This is seen to minimize the time taken for both encryption and decryption, less memory used and entropy maximization. Proposed system therefore increases security and minimizes the use of memory. In our paper, most popular algorithms, AES, RSA and blowfish shed light on the overall performance and justification made for Custom AES.