Fuzzy Analytical Hiererachy Process Based Model For Influencing Factors In Academic Performances Of Engineering Students

  • K. Kaleeswari, P. Sona, B. Revathi, V. Anuradha, R. Nandhinidevi, T. Johnson


Nowadays students of Engineering are affected by strain and troubled due to different reasons like social tension, race, electronic gadgets and physical appearance etc., Student’s stress level is an unavoidable and observable fact which holds back individual development, social interactions, peer influence and adolescence. Identifying the stress level of the student is a not easy task and it leads to vagueness. Fuzzy set theory-based model is very excellent output over vagueness. Analytical hierarchy process (AHP) is a multi-criteria decision-making process which gives very clear statement over uncertainty. This current work is based on the wide-ranging analysis of the engineering student stress factor. Through literature survey here we considered several factors which will influence the students stress and used as input in our model for analysis. Here we identify the influencing factors using Fuzzy Analytic hierarchy process (FAHP) model, with the purpose of improve the student’s academic performances and it is an appropriate model to get more satisfactory results.