Status Of Infrastructure Facilities In Primary Schools Of Tamil Nadu – A District Wise Analysis

  • Dr. M. Shanthi, A. Divya


Economic development of any country necessitates economic resources and human resources. Education plays an important role in human development. The future of the nation is in the hands of young generation. That’s why the quality and overall education at primary level is very essential. It is the foundation of the education and more focus on primary education is needed. Further, infrastructure facilities have a positive role in improvement of Elementary education. The goal of infrastructure development in Elementary education is to increase school attendance and to improve academic performance of students. By and large, the development of school infrastructure is a comprehensive exercise for developing the school building along with its indoor and outdoor spaces in ways that contribute to the goals of universal access, retention, equity and quality in education. With this background, an attempt has been made in the present study to assess status of educational infrastructure of primary education at district wise in Tamil Nadu, India.