Application of Krill Herd Algorithm to Improved Quasi Lossless Fractal Image Compression

  • Kanimozhi Rajasekaran, P.D. Sathya, V.P. Sakthivel


This paper wields Krill Herd (KH) algorithm to Improved Quasi Lossless Fractal Image Compression to produce better image quality. As a sort of the swarm intelligence-based algorithm it absolutely stimulates herding attitude of the krill swarms to search the nature food. KH algorithm speeds up the execution of improved quasi lossless fractal image compression technique’s execution then produces better optimization result compared to other algorithms. It focuses on minimizing the encoding time and increasing the compression ratio without any depletion in the reconstructed image quality. Additionally, experimental results of KH algorithm for various images are compared with other optimization algorithms. Their quality measures are analyzed based on encoding time, compression ratio and PSNR value.