An Automatic Classification of Lung Cancer with J48 using Weka

  • Dr. B. Dhanalakshmi, Dr. Raghuraman, Dr. Sudha Rajesh


Lung dangerous development is a sort of infection that begins in the lungs. Your lungs are two springy organs in your chest that take in oxygen when you take in and release carbon dioxide when you inhale out. Mechanized examination impacts the precise evaluation of lung malignant growth in a viable way. Lung disease influences individuals in lung parts of the body. A PC strategy ought to be inspected to analyze the lung malignant growth exactly. This is the specialist's pre-screening framework for early analysis. The related and the proposed work is looked at and analyzed. The proposed work gives the report on the order of sores from the lung malignant growth dataset with fundamental advances, for example, pre-handling and arrangement. Here J48 Decision tree examination is utilized to separate the highlights. The reenactment quantifies the exact conclusion and affirms the precision esteems up to 96% for Classification.