Hardware simulation platform for Industrial Automation applications

  • Kalyan Dusarlapudi, K Narasimha Raju ,Sandeep Allaparapu, Ponduri Vishnu Sai Sree, K. Kishore Kumar


This paper provides solution for the academic community during this COVID-19 pandemic where majority of student fraternity limited to the homes. The industrial automation application is related to the integration of input and output devices like sensors and actuators executed in laboratories under the expertise guidance for interconnection and logic building. Due to the lack of access to academic laboratories hands on in requirement to retain and interest the ability of circuit building and logical comprehension online virtual platform AUTODESK TINKERCAD   is proposed an demonstrated with three industrial automation application Chemical cleaning process of metallic objects, Automated filling of milk tank and Self-cleaning and solar tracking of PV panel. Automation components used for the application, there integration, simulation and results are discussed and demonstrated to recorded video links.