A Unified Comprative Phonon Dynamical Study of Europium Oxide (EuO) AND Europium Sulphide (EuS)

  • S.P. Singh, Mudit P. Srivastava, Awanish K. Singh


A systematic unified comparative theoretical analysis of Europium Oxide (EuO) and Europium Sulphide (EuS) has been investigated by a lattice dynamical model which include the effect of three-body interaction (TBI) in the framework of second neighbor three body rigid shell model (SNTRSM) and second neighbor rigid ion model (SNTRIM). These two includes long range Coulomb interactions, three body interactions and short-range second neighbor interactions. The significance of these two approaches thus obtained, have been applied to study the phonon dispersion curves (PDC), variation of Debye temperature with absolute temperature, phonon density of states and anhormonic properties of Europium Oxide (EuO) and Europium Sulphide (EuS)  by the supplication of TRSM (three-body force shell model) and TRIM (three-body force rigid ion model). It is concluded that our theoretical results predicted by SNTRSM on phonon dynamics and derivable properties will be very much close to their measured data. The present approach has revealed much better description of the crystal dynamics of the solid than those reported by other models.