Developing An Android Application For Emergency Mail Sender

  • N.Sirisha, V.Hema , G. Sowmya


In not many of the organizations we don't have authorization to take mobiles to inside the workplaces. Around then in the event that we get any significant and crisis calls or messages, we don't have choice to see that data till we return to portable. Barely any occasions by not endeavoring calls/Messages for extended periods we may need to confront scarcely any issues later on. To keep away from this we are concocting an application where we can coordinate the versatile with SMTP email framework so representative/client will get the notice of email or SMS to their email customer which is introduced at his/her work stations. This application can be utilized in MNC's or association where mobiles are not permitted in the work place. Henceforth this application will be utilized to give missed calls, messages updates to the mail of individual worker. In this application we can get the approaching messages and missed call info each 5 min and we mail that data to a specific mail id.