Quality Of Work Life And Organizational Performance: Workers’ Feelings Of Job Security, Or Not, To The Organization’s Productivity



The main purpose of this research is to identify the significance of work environment towards the performance and also to study the effectiveness of the Quality of Work life in the organisation. In this research well-structured questionnaire was framed and data was collected using convenience sampling from 246 employees of the Chemical Industries in Cuddalore, and to study the significant association chi- square was used by the researcher. To find Quality of Work life of the employees of this Chemical Industries in Cuddalore can be improved by conducting some more training classes for the employees who are falling in the category of more than 3 to 4 years of experience which would boost their self-confidence and help them attain their level of satisfaction. Similarly, the organization can give some more security to the employees falling in the category of 41 and above so that they feel quite secure in the hand of organisation and they can give their high-level performance. This observation that empirical article on Quality of Work life – A Study’s structured questionnaire can be applied as an Employee opinion Survey taken in once in 8 months on knowing the quality of work life. By doing this survey organisations can get to know the quality of work life of the employees and take necessary steps to improve the QWL among all the Employees. It also helps the employers to know that their employees who are working in their organisation are happily working leading to good Quality of Work life which will boost up their performance to come happily daily to their work place. In this survey, the employees how to balance between personal life and work life is to be measured and also measured how to improve their work performance