Indian Banking: Digital Transformation Of Automated Teller Machine Channel Over A Decade

  • Mr. Francis Xavier V ,Dr. S. Sahaya Selvi


Banking and financial services have undergone massive transformation in digitization and digital payments over a decade. Indian banking is transforming from traditional banking to digital over the last ten years and this vital change makes the overall banking industry to get elevated to the next level in the global economy. The objective of this research paper is to study how digitization evolved in ATM cards and ATM Machines of Indian banking over a period of time. This study is based on secondary data which are mainly extracted from various data sources like research papers, articles published by corporates and Government of India, authentic websites of RBI, NPCI and bulletins published by them. From this research paper, knowledge gained about how digitization emerged in banks by introducing ATM cards and machines, transformation of technology into this platform over a decade. Scope for customer acquisition & accessibility through digitization, future milestone & trend to be set in this channel based on advancement in technology.