Heterogeneous Multi-Clustered Energy Efficient Routing Protocol in Wireless Sensor Network

  • Umesh Kumbhalkar, Dr. Sharad Gangele


The applications of Internet of things (IoT) devices and sensors are now increasing exponentially and it is achieving various status in industries. Wireless sensor networks (WSN) has become a prominent base for development of IoT and smart devices. Modern progressions in IoT bring out many benefits over traditional sensing devices and provided the researchers to develop a small, power efficient, low-cost, and multi-functional sensor devices. In this paper, we are presenting a heterogeneous multi-clustered energy efficient routing (HMCEER) protocol in Wireless Sensor Network with three levels of heterogeneity. HMCEER uses three energy levels to select cluster head in the wireless sensor network to improve network lifetime and through- put. The simulation result presents a significant improvement of network lifetime and throughput as compared to standard LEACH and LEACH based protocols.