Empirical Study on Various Computation Methods for Computer Applications

  • Dr. Darpan Anand, Dr. Surendra Singh, Saurabh, Narendra Kumar


In this paper we present, computational investigation of some iterative techniques for unraveling non direct conditions. This manuscript is also do examination some important iterative methods which can be used for purpose for computation for various applications. Utilizing Bisection technique, Newton strategy and Secant technique comprehend non straight conditions and their outcomes are analyzed. The capacity and discover the foundation of capacity by these three techniques. By computational count , it was seen that Bisection strategy merges at the 24th cycles , Newton technique combines at fourth emphases and Secant strategy meets at fifth emphases. Newton technique required less number of emphases when contrasted with secant strategy. Be that as it may, when we think about execution, Newton technique needs two capacities and it requires some investment to figure. While Secant strategy needs just one capacity. By the computational tests, we saw that Secant Method is successful than different strategies.