Data Mining, Data Analysis And Prediction Model For Financial Analyst Of Investment Advisory

  • Roshan Komaravolu, Rohit Komaravolu, Prabhakar Komaravolu


Data is used for various processes, functions and decisions in everyday life. Obtaining the relevant data from resources / data mines / public resources etc., is data mining.  Compiling the mined data into an appropriate format enables right platform for optimum usage of data thus mined. Analysis of the compiled data using appropriate analytical tools results in right inputs for an optimal / right decision. Methods: commonly used formats for data representation and data analysis such a pi-charts, bar diagrams apart from establishing and handling complex live data relationships. This paper utilises tools common financial tools and Regression analysis linked moving charts linked to external live data to provide snap shot presentation / representation of data mined and analysed for effective decision making. Results: The Prediction model was able to predict the share price movement over a 6 month period with 70% accuracy. Conclusions: It is shown that Regression Analysis of Market data coupled with key PRIs give a highly reliable predicted value of share price.