Futuristic Scope Of Iot And Its Approach Towards Building A Smart Human Being Life



With a rapid progress of technology many research scholars are looking towards the concept of Internet of Things (IoT) that promises a smart human being life by allowinga communication between objects, machines and everything together with peoples. IoT represents a system which consists a thing in the real world, and sensors attached to or combined to these things, connected to the Internetvia wired andwireless structure of network.IoT allows objects to be sensed and / or controlled remotely across existing network infrastructure, creating good chances for high integration of the physical world into Computer-based set-up, and result in better correctness, effectiveness and economic benefit. By the technology of the IoT, the world will become smart in every aspect, since the IoT will provides a means of making cities smarter, smart healthcare, smart homes and buildings, in addition to many important applications like smart energy, grid, transportation, waste management and monitoring. In this paper we review a concept of many IoT applications and future possibilities for new related technologies in addition to the challenges that are faced by the implementation of the IoT.