An Investigation on Blackout Projectile Missile

  • Sathish Kumar D., Srinath L. , Naveen S., Sanjay Singaravelu R., Sanjeva Kumar S.A.


In world history each nation has always researched for a weapon that would increase the chance of winning. The main source of any military activity is the well-developed power system all along the nation. A weapon that could paralyze at least 70% of the power system of the nation is considered to be a great one. The weapon is called as “blackout missile”. The name blackout is given since it wipes out the entire power system. It uses a special kind of smoke that contains small graphite filament plumes that spreads in air and comes in contact with electrical systems, mostly systems that are air insulated such as towers, transformers etc. This creates a short circuit in the power lines causing a blackout. The blackout starts to spread all over the system and causes a total of more than 70% of the country’s power system to fail, thus any night time surgical strike can be conducted and this would make the foe country lose the war as well as push the country into a tragedy that would take several years to recover.