An Iot Based Engineering Solution For Covid’19 Community Spread Using Machine Learning Approach

  • S. Srithar, T. Maheswaran, Gitanjali Wadhwa


In the year 2020, the most spoken word by humans are corona. The medical scientists and researchers are in a position to safeguard peoples from the fast disease Covid’19. As per the world health organization analysis, the virus can easily spread through the infected person sneezes, coughs, and physical touch. To safeguard ourselves from Covid’19, social distance is very essential.  A proposed engineering 1st solution can prevent the human from Covid’19 by the alert. The IoT based solution is mounted into a tag identity card. The ultrasonic device will measure the distance by passing ultrasonic sound waves. The seriousness is indicated through the buzzer during the social distance violation. The 2nd solution will detect and indicate the person who has not weared the mask. The proposed solution will use the faster R-CNN to classify the images.