Mitigation of Transmission Congestion with Series Controller Facts Devices

  • Sushil Kumar Gupta, Lalit Kumar, Sanjay Kumar, Khushboo Verma


Transmission congestion problem is a major issue in transmission network. This work proposed NR (Newton Rapshon) based algorithm for solving transmission congestion problem in PSAT MATLAB environment. NR based evolutionary technique is used for optimum co-ordination of series controllers with imaginary power sources present in transmission network. Here author evaluate voltage stability, real power loss reduction, and running cost by using power flow. Transmission loss magnifies the total system running cost. This paper manages the improvement of VAR power because its optimization is a huge problem in transmission system.  The PV curve provides a voltage collapse point and finds the location of weak bus. TCSC (Thyristor controlled series capacitors) and SSSC (static synchronous series compensator) are used in current issue in IEEE-14, 30, 57 bus system. The comparative results between TCSC and SSSC are presented in this work. From obtained result, it is observed that SSSC yields superior results when compared to TCSC in phrase of real power loss and running cost.