Digital Learning Practices Using Through Online Resources in Higher Educational Institutions in the United Arab Emirates

  • Elangovan Alagumalai, Natarajan Radhakrishnan


The objective of the present study is to observe how online databases supporting for digital learning practices in higher education institutions in the United Arab Emirates. 120 questionnaires were distributed among the colleges and universities. The study demonstrates that most of the libraries are using information and communication technology for maximum library operations. i.e collection management (RFID Technology enabled), online –based library orientations, electronic resources, cloud computing etc. This study found that the source of information, online resources and services are most important dimensions, and few respondents are not much comfortable with electronic learning. All the respondent is highly satisfied with implementation of digital learning. To make effective utilization of online resources the new facilities been launched such as mobile app, federated search and accessing of online resources through LMS etc. The study suggested that the feedback always helps to improve their services to the user community.