Augmenting Consumer Satisfaction in Smartphone Based Online Shopping

  • Deepshikha Aggarwal, Deepti Sharma and Archana B Saxena


The growth in the usage of mobile phones has been an ongoing process. The mobile phones that support internet connectivity and enable the users to download various applications are called smartphones. People are using their smartphones not just for communication but for a plethora of other purposes. Shopping through various ecommerce applications has gained popularity among most of us. The main facilitator for increased usage of mobile devices is the ease and inexpensive availability of internet services everywhere. This paper highlights the usage of smartphones based shopping and various factors that influence the users towards making the decision to shop through mobile phone applications.  We have analyzed the data collected through various sources and derived results through the application of various statistical tools. The results indicate that certain factors such as ease of shopping and time saving play a major role in encouraging the people to use mobile shopping applications.