A Query Approach for Influence Maximization on Specific Users in Social Networks

  • B.Revanth, Dasari John Subuddhi


Maximization of impact is applied to optimize the value of social network viral marketing. The fragility of power Maximization is that, even though certain products may only be beneficial for certain uses, it would not distinguish individual users from others. For it is a smarter approach to concentrate on optimizing the effect on the particular consumers of such products. We formulate an impact in this article, Question of maximization we explore a partnership of paths for the expectation model, Users-between. We are carrying out an optimal cumulative modification of the marginal benefit to our objective equation for the greedy process. We Conduct tests using real-life datasets to test the proposed approach and equate the findings with those of current approaches. Which are tailored to the problem? The approach proposed is from our experimental data, at least an order of magnitude quicker than the one introduced. In certain instances, current techniques though maintaining high precision.