Direct Marketing - Channels, Benefits And Challenges

  • G.B.Suresh, Dr.S.Pannerselvam


Direct market is one of the traditional and successful components of marketing. Now a day, direct marketing helps to increase sales and customer loyalty. Direct marketing activities to reach customer towards products. In this method of marketing helps to face to face contact to client, it leads to create flexible relationship between marketer and consumer. Many companies interested to shift direct marketing to introduce new products and services, satisfy client needs directly on time and get immediate feedback about product and service. In customer view direct marketing is a positive impact toward friendly relationship, satisfy needs and get immediate response from marketers. This is study firstly concentrated direct marketing and its channel of marketing. Direct mail, face to face selling, telemarketing etc., these are few channels of direct markings. Secondly, Importance of direct marketing, strategies and of direct marketing. Finally, benefits and Challenges of direct marketing discussed in this study.