Region –Convolutional Neural Network For The Inspection Of Lymphoblastic Cells

  • C N Savithri,R Chitra, K Jeyapiriya,


Leukemia is identified as cancer that develops in different types of blood cells. . Most often, these type of cancer is found to be developed in white blood cells. Acute lymphoblastic cells are also known as acute lymphocytic leukemia. Acute means fast growing and develops quickly and if not attended early, may be fatal within a few months. Lymphocytes are white blood cells. ALL originate in bone marrow. Lymphoblasts are cancerous Lymphocytes. Around 25,000 children in India are found to be with this deadly disease. Here a system is introduced to identify the cancer cells at a early stage which involves RCNN(Region-CNN). The images are segmented and the variations in the geometry of these cells can be analysed using statistical parameters like mean and standard deviation. The system is designed to be cost effective and accurate. Features are extracted and the disease is identified from the microscopic images of blood samples.