Agricultural area mapping for Bhuvanahalli Village

  • Pallavi M , Surjkumar konsam, Heena Nadaf, Vijay K


Land suitability evaluation is an important step to detect the environmental limit in sustainable land use planning. In this work assessment of land performances for the specific use that is crop production is carried out. In the present study, a land suitability evaluation for a different crops has been carried out through GIS mappings for soil erosion and salinity in the soil, area for different crops and waste land identification. The parameters are selected for this works are soil texture, organic matter content, soil depth, slope and land use/land cover. Area of different crops growth is to be taken and measured areas of various crops like Ginger, Rose and papaya. The extension area which is indentified and shown in the study area mapping also included. Agricultural activities such as various crop classification and, crop condition, crop growth, crop area and estimation of yield,  soil characteristics and precision of farming the land. Referred information from remotely sensed images, geographic information system data’s are required for mapping.