Pollution caused by vehicles in Bangalore: An Overview

  • P Shivananda, K Subha Meenu, Mufsela Peerzade


Throughout the years, there has been a gigantic increment in road transportation and vehicular traffic because of an exponential development in monetary improvement and utilization propensities all through the world. The impact of vehicular emission outflows is essentially progressively articulated in an urban situation, when contrasted with territorial or worldwide scale. There is a general inclination of uncontrolled development of both business and private exercises at traffic intersections offering ascend to high human introduction to vehicular emission. Vehicles discharges harmful gases directly into the breathing zone; engine vehicles have the best air contamination potential when related with different sources. This is to a great extent because of high quantities of vehicles in congested urban zones and the amount of pollution they emit, causing different unfavorable impacts. It is quite known fact that about 60% - 70% of the air pollution is caused by the vehicular emissions in the city.