Prediction Of Strength Characteristics Of Pet Strap Fibre Reinforcement Fly Ash Concrete Using Ann

  • Nayana Manohari T K, Sharath R, Mishrith Reddy R S , Hemayoon Manzoor Bhat, Ishfaq


A complete composing outline shows that a touch effort has been done towards fake neural framework (ANN) approach inside the zone of concrete technology. Within the ebb and flow assessment, progression of ANN approach to manage envision quality properties of PET lash fiber fortified garbage concrete in lieu of standard exploration community approach. The normal lab approach pulls in specific drawbacks like piece of manual commitment, monotonous, chances of creeping of human botches, questionable conjecture and reliably prominent in nature. Hence to scale back above detriments, this examination is endeavored to develop an ANN between strong mix fixings and compressive, tractable and flexure nature of mix.

 The current work oversees combination of beast input data's by coordinating experiments, ANN's planning and its testing are gotten to fix legitimate weighted matrix which dynamically foresee quality traits of garbage concrete.