Google Map Usage in Transportation System

  • P Shivananda, Mufsela Peerzade, Mufsela Peerzade, P Srinivas Kumar


Transportation is the movement of men and materials from one place to another, by using modes of transport air, water, cable, pipeline and space. The transportation system entities are divided into infrastructure,vehicles and operations. If anyone wants to move from one place to another place, using above transportation system, easy and one point guidance is not available until 2005. Now IOT based Google map is available as one point solution to use existing transportation system. In this paper, an attempt has been made to explain use of Google maps for present transportation system and its benefits. Study area is Bangalore and the method used is IOT. Google map gives the dynamic updates about the traffic and gives the suggestions of alternate route for avoiding the traffic jam, use of location sharing to reach the place; it gives the details of the travel distance, travel time, alternative routes,and shortest routefor available public transport as well as for private transport. It also gives nearby petrol pump, food shelter, ATM, Hotels & more, which helps in reducing the searching time and travel time. Survey conducted on Staff and Students REVA University, revealed that only 67% are using Google app.