Study On The Behaviour Of Rc Structures Under Seismic Forces

  • Tahoor Ahmad, Dr. Sunil Kumar Tengli


Bracing system in structural frame provides an excellent approach for strengthening and stiffening existing building for lateral forces. Concrete shear wall has better seismic performance due to improved lateral stiffness and lateral strength. The provision of masonry infill walls behaves like compression strut between column and beam and compression forces are transferred from one mode to another

In this paper, different types of bracings are used namely X,V,inverted V shaped bracings with shear wall and infill wall. A model of G+14 storeys is considered, a comparison of structural behavior in terms of base shear, storey displacement, time period and storey drift characteristics are carried out with 7 different types of models with shear wall , infill wall and various types of bracings. These frames are known to be efficient structural systems for buildings under high lateral loads such as seismic loadings. The fact that the lateral resistance of frame can be significantly improved by the addition of this technique has led to the idea of retro fitting seismically inadequate reinforced concrete frames.

It is found that the inverted V shaped bracings with shear wall in longitudinal direction is more efficient for seismic forces out of all other types of models.