Stress - Strain Behaviour Of Welded Reinforcement Grids Confined Concrete Column Under Axial Load

  • Valluru Viharika , Dr. Sunil Kumar Tengli


The study the behaviour of normal-strength concrete confined by welded wire reinforcement (henceforth WWR) as transverse reinforcement. WWR eliminates some of the detailing problems inherent in reinforced concrete (RC) construction, resulting in easier and faster construction, with better economy and quality control. The confinement provided by WWR was investigated by their strength characteristics by conducting test on 16 columns. The specimens were tested under axial loading. The parametric study includes effect of volumetric ratio and spacing of WWR as well as distribution of longitudinal reinforcement. A stress-strain model of concrete which takes confinement effects into account is developed based on the results of compression loading tests of reinforced concrete column specimens. It is shown that the predicted stress-strain relation provides better agreement with the experimental results than convention RCC columns