Contemporary Study On Road Safety In Urban Areas- A Case Study From Bwssb Office To Ms Palya

  • Sreenatha M, Sathish Y A, Pallavi C J


Bangalore is the capital of Karnataka. Bangalore is frequently alluded to as 'The Silicon City' of Karnataka, because of its high centralization of structures and vehicular traffic. Bangalore is a very Porsche area of our country where 10 million people live there. It is a very developed city as it as many industries, many technical institute research centers and with many talented people present there. It is a nation-leading city in IT. Bangalore is a major metropolitan city.

In a short period of time there is an impressive growth in all the sectors, thus creating employment opportunities and improved education facilities causing people from all over the world to come here. As a result of this there are also many means of transport facilities in Bangalore, because of this there are many traffic problems in the city.

India has the second biggest street organize on the planet with more than 3 million km of streets of which 60% are cleared. These streets make a crucial commitment to the India's economy. All in all, the offices for the street clients are not sufficient, prompting a high cost of the demise casualties. As of late, there is a developing worry over the street crash issue.

The road selected for this particular study fall under the similar issues faced by areas of Bangalore city like Silk board junction, Hebbal junction, and KR Puram junction. The selected road stretch has no traffic signals, even with the presents of too many junctions in frequent intervals. More number of Educational Institutions, International Airport Commuters and many other in Yelahanka cause dense traffic congestion in the selected path. To ensure the complete safety of the road users the provided road inventories such as median, pedestrians’ path, carriageway, curbs and other road inventories should be in standard measurements as per the government regulations. The speed breakers, barricades, signal systems, road margins, cross slopes and the shoulders which are the integral part of the road should be given attention in order to prevent unforeseen incidents. The potholes, absence of sign boards in turnings and marking on speed breakers would raise the chances of accidents.