An Experimental Study On Performance Of Bituminous Mix Using E-Waste For The Flexible Pavement

  • Nandini D N, Pradeep Kumar B K, Sharath C R, Y Ramalinga Reddy


The paper carries a work for enhancing the performance characteristics of bituminous mix for flexible pavement. The electronic wastes are being disposed in the city which involves several risks such as leaking of materials and its careless exposure during recycling. Electronic wastes disposal maybe hazardous to the environment as it contains lithium, copper, aluminium and several components. And the transportation cost for the processing of e-waste may be higher compared to its scrap value. The main objective of this study is carried out by replacing various percentage of e-waste in bituminous mixes. Wastes from electrical products such as computers, televisions, printers etc are taken and is converted into small dimension pieces and melted. The bitumen of grade 60/70 is selected in the present work. The physical properties of bitumen are determined by tests with procedures as in Indian standards. The e-waste used in bituminous mix and stability flow characteristics of mix is determined using Marshall Method. The bitumen content 4.5%, 5%, 5.5%, 6% is replaced with 5%, 10%, 15% of e-waste. The mix which is found to be higher stability is selected for construction purposes. In this study, the high stability is obtained for bitumen content of 5.5% and E –waste 10% respectively. It results in efficient waste management of wastes and reduces the cost of construction.