Analysis Of Pedestrian Safety Near By Baiyappanahalli Metro Station

  • Raveesh J, Unwar Untoo Owais, Viswas J S, Vinayaka B


Pedestrians are one of the most Vulnerable Road User in India. Road traffic accidents are a major but neglected global problem, requiring concerted efforts for effective and sustainable prevention. A comprehensive approach is required for improving road safety of pedestrians and reducing the causalities on the roads. Baiyappanahalli, with a maximum daily footfall of 28,300 passengers, emerged as the busiest metro hub in the city, overtaking Kempegowda Majestic station (27500). This study is an attempt to find out the most critical factors responsible for pedestrian safety and to devise methods which would provide solution for the same like design a sky walk in the study area or provide a pedestrian signal.