Seismic Analysis Of High Rise Structure Considering The Effect Of Floating Columns & Plan Irregularities

  • Naresh Reddy G N, Umraz Khan M


In recent times, many structures are planned and constructed with architectural complexities. These complexities include floating columns at various levels and locations. The earthquake forces that are developed at different storeys in the structure need to be transferred along the height to the ground by shortest path, but presence of floating columns cause a discontinuity in the load transfer path, resulting in poor seismic performance of the structure. In this paper, a high rise structure is analyzed for seismic performance in very severe seismic intensity zone. An attempt is made to compare the seismic performance of two structures with and without floating columns and irregular floor plans at different storeys. The software package ETABS was used for modelling and analysis. The findings in the study were interpreted and the results indicated that a structure with floating columns in an earthquake zone of severe seismic intensity are prone to larger deformations and hence are not advisable for construction, in comparison with a similar structure without floating columns.