Water Accounting In Ghataprabha Basin

  • Rajalaxmi Patil, Nagraj S Patil, Dr. P. Somasekhar Rao


Water Accounting Plus framework is basically found on open access remote sensing information, related to the open-access GIS information and hydrological model yield. It is designed to provide explicit spatial information regarding water depletion and net withdrawal processes in the river basin. Satellite measurements are used to obtain a great deal of the required data. Data from hydrological models and water allocation models are used as WA+ inputs. Resource Base Sheet is extracted which depicts the water balance at the stream basin scale. And it can be taken a look at the global water equalization and present important water flow segments for the Ghataprabha Basin. And as a result we got to know that the water stored during the wet season is then depleted in the dry season. During rainy years, the basin produces water excess over-regulated water and in dry years, the reservoir is exhausted to fulfill regulated water demand.