Solid Waste Management and Effect of Landfill Leachate on Ground Water (Case study of Tumakuru city)

  • Dr. M.A.Nagesh, Pushpa Latha N , Sakeshwari, Guruprasad TN


Solid Waste Management is the process of collecting, transporting, processing and disposing of waste material in a scientific manner. The aim of waste management is to clean up the surroundings and see that the waste does not have a detrimental influence on environment. Solid waste management prevents contamination of soil, water & the atmosphere. The paper aims to study the Solid waste management of Tumakuru city and assess the effect of leachate produced by the city municipal dump yard on ground water quality of nearby area. In the study, the influence of leachate of landfill on quality parameters of ground water near city municipal landfill area is reported.