Comparative Study Of Bearing Capacity Of Soils Using Grouting Technique

  • Karthik G, Vishwanath G B, Vandana H, Vinutha R, Chandana K


It refers to injecting a pumpable material into soil to alter its characteristics. This grouting technique can be used to improve the engineering properties of soil such as compaction characteristics, shear strength characteristics. Slurry is pumped till a particular value of pressure is achieved. In our study, soil samples were collected from Channapatna and Bidadi (Karnataka, India) and basic tests such as sieve analysis, compaction characteristics, shear strength parameters, Atterberg limits were conducted. The bearing capacity of soil samples was determined from test results.  Field conditions were simulated in laboratory by injecting cement and fly ash slurry using a pumping device and pressure was checked for different soil samples for different slurry ratios in a wooden box. Volume of pressure bulbs were measured on 1st, 5th and 10th day. The results show that bearing capacity had increased notably.