Reinforcing Pervious Concrete Using Carbon Fiber

  • Jessly Rajan, Shraddha Pimpale, Yogesh Kamble, Pradnya Rote


Pervious concrete has gained interest due to its ability to allow water to flow through it which recharges the ground water table and thus minimizes the surface runoff. Pervious Concrete has various exclusive features, thus making it a construction material which is environment friendly. It helps the pollutants of any type  tobe drained into the subsurface through its porous structure& then be treatedby the micro-organisms present in the soil, rather than runoff &thereby polluting the water bodies.Low mechanical properties and durability are the properties affecting the structural strength of pervious concrete, using restrictedly as a pavement material only. The aim of this study was to determine the physical and mechanical properties of reinforced pervious concrete in comparison to the different volume fractions. In this study chopped carbon fiber strands of 12mm size was incorporated into a mixture of  pervious concrete in 2 volume fractions. In order to study the effects of volume fractions, 2 mix designs were proceeded with.After the test results it was observed that the reinforced pervious concrete possess more strength than theordinary pervious concrete. The flexural strength of Pervious Concretereinforced with Cured Carbon Fiber Composite Material (CCFCM) was found to be 30 to 35% higher than the conventional pervious concrete.The study of reinforcing pervious concrete using carbon fiber has turned out  to be beneficial due to its promising results of improving the various properties without affecting the permeability much.