Modified Invasive Weed Optimization Algorithm for Media Independent Handover for Maximizing Seamless Vertical Handover

  • Soumya.B.peddi, Dr. Siddarama R Patil, Dr. Jayashree Agarkhed


Modified invasive weed optimization algorithm for media independent handover of maximizing seamless vertical handovers. In the global scenario, a variety of wireless access networks are available. Different types of applications such as real time, non real time, and high bandwidth availability are used for heterogeneous wireless networks. Therefore, it is necessary for a service provider to make an appropriate connection support. We consider the numerous credit for progress the consumer quality dimensions, pro instance, statistics broadcast, handoff immobility, received signal strength (RSS), consumer portability, power exploitation, network cost, consumer inclination, as well as QoS dimensions (handoff deferral, throughput, plus parcel misfortune proportion). At to tip we plan multi-useful Intuitionist feathery TOPSIS (MIF-TOPSIS) base dynamic computation to figure the consumer accurate organization region. At last, the planned O-VHO computation apply to assorted HWNs, pro instance, WLANs, MANETs plus VANETs. The recreation outcome shows the planned O-VHO choice computations perform influential than existing VHO calculation as far as QoS dimensions. We choose finest organization utilize planned multi-criteria decision making (MDM) computation, which procedure the consumer found precise organization zone. The choice cycle predictable to depend on computation to play out an accurate choice, as well as to alter to finest up-and-comer network within a tremendously brief timeframe. At last, the planned ETOVH computation is accessed via HWNs through set of hub as of WLAs, MANETs plus VANETs.