Quantification of Intervertebral Space of Lumbar Spine in Lower Back Pain Affected People

  • P.Praveen, Mallikarjunaswamy M. S., Chandrashekara S.


Lower Back Pain (LBP) is the usual medical issue which persist in most of the individuals of different age group. The percentage of people globally would have experienced LBP once in their life time is greater than 80. Lower back is the set of 5 bones named L1 to L5. Degenerative disc is a condition in which one or more number of intervertebral discs depreciate or breaks down and leads to painful state. In this work the intervertebral space where an elastic rubbery disc is present is visualized. The lumbar region is concentrated and the intervertebral distance between each bone pair of lumbar spine is quantified. The X-ray images were processed and analyzed in LBP affected people.