Generating User Guides For Ontologies: A Domain And Schema Independent Verbalisation Approach

  • Kaneeka Vidanage, Noor Maizura Mohamad Noor, Rosmayati Mohemad, Zuriana Abu Bakar


Ontology development is an incremental and iterative task. In that atmosphere, manual creation/maintenance of a user guide for an ontology will be difficult and require much effort for both ontologists and domain specialists. However,  maintaining a user guide documentation throughout and after the ontology construction process has many advantages   (discussed in the paper). Verbalisation (the process of converting technical encodings in an ontology to natural language) is the technical process that can be introduced to automate the user guide construction process. Existing verbalisation   mechanisms have numerous shortcomings. In this research, a novel verbalisation mechanism is introduced, addressing   existing shortcomings to facilitate the iterative and incremental growth of the user guide along with the ontology’s evaluation