Government Initiatives For Continuing School Education During Lockdown: A Study Of Government Schools In Pratapgarh District Of Rajasthan.

  • Karishma Sharma, Dr. Rajiv Gandhi, Dr. Mukesh Sharma,


Technology has always given a new look to every situation and online education always changes the era of learning because of its easiness. Among the global pandemic situation a big amount of Indian population “school” is also affecting by Covid-19. Recently Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India took initiative to keep learning of school students by making full use of the available e-Learning Platforms during the lockdown period. Rajasthan state also launched SMILE project in April 2020 for ensuring the continuity of school education via sending online link material through WhatsApp. The purpose of this paper is to assess the extent to which government initiatives has been able to achieve the plan and find out the constraints in implementation as well as awareness of teachers and students towards  provided e-learning platforms. Descriptive analysis was used and data were collected from 50  teachers  and 50 students of government schools of the district. The results obtained from the study reflect that the scheme of WhatsApp online link material is effectively implementing in the district for keep students learning in the lockdown period. Lack of Smartphone in students’ family, lack of internet connection in tribal belt area, network problem and limited mobile data are some constraints. At the end suggestive framework is also given.