A Novel “Turn-On” Fluorescent Chemosensor For The Selective Detection Of Zn2+

  • Sivalingam Lakshmanan


The synthesis and evaluation of a novel 8-hydroxy quinoline derivatives based fluorescent chemosensor (L1, L2)for the detection of Zn2+ ions in THF/H2O. The fluorescent spectra changes observed upon addition of various metal ions show that L1, L2is highly selective for Zn2+ over other metal ions. Addition of Zn2+ to the solution of L1, L2 results in ratiometric measurement.The probe displayed an apparent color change, which could be observed by the naked eye under a UV lamp. Experimental results have been verified with DFT and TDDFT calculation. It’s in vitro sensitivity to Zn2+was demonstrated in Hela cells with the use of confocal microscopy.