Life Share-A Localized Blood Donor Connector Using Chatbots

  • Narendra U P


Blood is paramount substance present in human body. Absence of this fluid results in loss of life.
To overcome this situation, blood transfusion is carried out and to accomplish this, it is essential for
the eligible blood donor to meet the recipient, who is in need of blood transfusion.“Life Share” is one
major technological intervention in the medical field whose main objective is to carry out a locationbased search of blood donors in the times of emergency, and thus save time and ‘Life’. This Location
based web application connects genuine willing donors with recipient, known or unknown, within the
vicinity of any hospital where the need has arisen. This web application help in saving precious time
during emergency by connecting both parties in short span of time. Here the good Samaritans can
register with their details and will be informed of the need of blood, via ‘Push Message’, if any need
arises only within their specified Location. The Application acts as a Life Saver in times of
emergency. Also, offering chat-bot assistance on social media wherein users can get instant response
for their queries and will assist them for further queries.
The proposed web application will periodically update the details pertaining to donors and
recipients promptly. And the administrators access all web application information, with an
interactive chat bot in order to process queries and provides quick response that will speed up the
process. Also, the proposed work includes Push technology that will alert users for blood requirement
via message, which is bound to a specific location during emergencies. This web-based framework is
easy to scale, effective and adaptable to the growing need for blood non-availability. This technique
of optimization can save life’s at risk.