Role Of Learning Environment On Learners’ Achievement In 21st Century

  • Dr. Vijay Kumar Chechi , Vaishnavi Mishra


The learning environment is a great attribute to the success of a learner. Factors such as ensuring
fairness and Justice, positive engagement opportunities, thoughtful classroom setup and modern
learning tools and Techniques constitute a conducive learning environment. A Learning Environment
should be such that prepares students for real life. Teachers play an active role in setting up such an
environment where the learning is adjusted as per the situation to make it effective. A combination of
flipped and blended classrooms is used to provide instructions. To cater individual differences and
needs, Differentiated Instructions are being given. Teachers ensures to motivate, provide guidance to
the students. It's time to switch to a virtual Learning Environment. E - learning has the potential to
continue learning for students even though there are some challenges to create a sound Learning