Construction And Validation Of Spiritual Intelligence Scale: A Review

  • Dr. Sonia Sharma , Deepali Ohri


Spiritual intelligence is an ability to gain higher meanings, morals, abiding purposes, subconscious
sides of the self and to immerse these meanings, values, and purposes in living richer and more
creative lives. Signs of high Spirituality include potential to wonder differently, humbleness, and an
attain energies that arise something far away from egotism, far away from self-centeredness and selfconcerns. Every person at some point during lifetime connects with that supreme self. The purpose of
the study is to recognise the importance of spiritual intelligence in leading a qualitative life and how
it can be measured and validated among people. The analysis is drawn from 34 Research Articles.
Further the educational implication of spiritual intelligence is discussed. Based upon the review of
literature recommendations are provided. In the end the conclusion is formulated.