Karnad’s Emancipated Women In “Bali: Sacrifice”

  • Mrs. A.LATHA, M. Phil.


Karnad has written his plays in Kannada made an interpretation of them into English. The play depends on the fantasy of 'Chicken of Dough', which he came to know during his adolescent. It manages the subject of savagery versus peacefulness and Brahminism versus Jainism. The play is considered as recognition for Mahatma Gandhi, the father of our Indian country. The demonstration of relinquishing creatures and winged animals is a deep rooted custom in Brahminism. They offer creatures and winged animals to please and appease divine beings and goddesses. Buddhism and Jainism censure viciousness in any structure. The writer takes up the issue of peacefulness in an interesting manner. This paper discusses the Woman in the play Bali: The Sacrifice. It manages the idea of lady freeing herself in scrutinizing the man centric guidelines. The lady here raises her voice on the nonsensical conventional male centric acts for the sake of religion.