Design of Motor and Power Electronic Converters for Electric Vehicle Conversion

  • Dr.S.Allirani, Madhumithaa.V, Gowtham.K


In recent times, the transportation system has made a major leap from internal combustion engine
vehicles to electric vehicles, where conventional IC transmission system has been replaced by pure
electric or hybrid electric transmission systems. In order to support this change in the industry and as
a means of promoting sustainable energy in the automotive sector, we have proposed an electric
transmission system that runs with the help of an induction motor and power electronic converters. At
present the vehicles use brushless DC motors which are comparatively expensive for a converted
electric vehicle and moreover they have power capacity restrictions and cannot be used for high power
demanding vehicles. The proposed design of an electric induction motor is cost effective, has simpler
construction, is easily available in the market and finally it will overcome the power capacity
restrictions of a BLDC motor. They are coupled and operated with high efficiency DC-DC power
converters for better performance and reduced power loss. Furthermore, induction motors lack
commutators which reduces the electronic commutator cost of a brushless DC motor. Power converters
are key structures that are used to control motor characteristics and one such suitable converter will
be discussed in this paper